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Greetings! I'm Anthony, a passionate gameplay programmer with a love for bringing virtual worlds to life. I thrive on the intersection of creativity and technology, and my journey in the realm of game development has been nothing short of exhilarating.

My programming toolkit includes languages like C++, C#, and I am well-versed in popular game development engines such as Unity and Unreal. I thrive on solving complex challenges, be it fine-tuning physics interactions, implementing dynamic lighting systems, or creating innovative gameplay features that keep players on the edge of their seats.

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Guns Blazing

In "Guns Blazing," I played a pivotal role in crafting an immersive gaming experience. As the AI and enemy designer, I shaped dynamic and challenging encounters. My contribution to the narrative was central, with a focus on bringing the enigmatic Rikayon experiment to life through scripting and interactive design. Additionally, I enhanced the visual dynamism with meticulously crafted particle effects, designed and optimized the WebGL build for wider accessibility, implemented missile systems and shrapnel effects for thrilling combat moments, introduced treasure chests to encourage exploration, and curated the Main Menu's cinematic screen for a captivating first impression. My work on "Guns Blazing" reflects a blend of technical expertise and a commitment to delivering a cohesive and memorable gameplay experience.

Robo Riot Ruckus

In Robo Riot Ruckus, you play as a vehicle with your very own attachments and chassis! You will face your own vehicle against other vehicles until one comes out victorious. You can obtain materials by either destroying the enemy's attachment(s) or winning. With these materials, you can craft any attachment as long as you have the required materials. “How do you win?” you may ask. Cause more damage to your opponent. You can either spend 15 minutes beating on the enemy with a multitude of attachments or go straight for the kill. Destroy your enemy's chassis to come out victorious! Be vigilant however, you still need to make sure your own chassis and attachments don't get destroyed first. Do you have what it takes to come out victorious?

Atlantic Guardian

Within the intricacies of a bespoke engine boasting a DX11 renderer, Flecs, Gateware, and vertex data meticulously exported from Blender, Atlantic Guardian emerges as a contemporary interpretation of the timeless classic "Defender." Immerse yourself in the role of a submarine commander, deploying missiles with precision amidst a dynamic underwater world teeming with diverse aquatic life. The objective? Eliminate all opposing lifeforms to ascend to the next challenging level. In my pivotal role on this project, I spearheaded the acquisition of assets, painstakingly crafted and designed immersive levels within Blender, and collaborated closely with the Graphics Programmer to enhance and optimize the renderer, ensuring a seamless and visually stunning gaming experience. Atlantic Guardian stands as a testament to a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology, artistic design, and collaborative innovation.


I'm eager to collaborate with visionaries, dreamers, and fellow game enthusiasts. Whether you're working on an indie gem or a blockbuster title, I bring not just technical expertise but a genuine love for crafting engaging gameplay that resonates with players.

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